Former lawmaker assassinated

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A former deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and transport leader in the eastern sector of Panama was, was assassinated on Tuesday, February 9.

Diógenes Vergara was a deputy for the 8-10 circuit in the 2014-2019 period, and in the last elections was not reelected.

Preliminary reports indicate that Vergara was shot dead in the Cabra sector, Pacora and that he was apparently fixing a tire on his car when he was surprised by two assassins who got out of a green car without a license plate.

The authorities are requesting surveillance videos from nearby businesses to try to identify the attackers.

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George Klk

Panama | Case Information Lacking. Case lacking information is essentially a closed case. mention request for information leading to the murder. mention of family left behind. mention of detective or sheriff presenting the facts. mention of probable cause of his death, shot to the head? This is not news, this is suppression and is why investigations lead to nowhere. How will the elite culprits of money laundering ever get apprehended by the law? Panama catches the bad guys and throws them in a cage with little to nothing to wash or eat. The elite get nice cells and a little recreation outside the cell with pictures to send home to friends and families...the state fund looters or...cookie jar theft baby crimes. Money...that what it will get you, respect! Next...a former Ricardo Martinelli and U.S.A. Trump re-election. hams. United States...MAGA Hats and a picture of Trump and family!

3 months ago
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