Filmmaker  fined $500 for carrying Panama flag with LGBTI colors

Roberto Latorre

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anama filmmaker Roberto Latorre spent the night at the Sub Station of the National Police in San Miguel, after being arrested on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 6, for carrying a Panamanian flag with the colors of the rainbow, one of the symbols of the LGBTI movement.

He was participating in a civic demonstration against corruption and impunity on the grounds of the National Assembly.

On the morning of Wednesday, Latorre was initially taken - handcuffed and escorted by police officers - from the Sub Station to the Community Justice of Peace of Calidonia, but JP Sonia Fuentes warned that the case is the responsibility of the Panama Mayor's Office. 

"It's the first time I've seen such a case,” said Fuentes and she went with Latorre in a patrol car, to the Mayor's office.

Latorre appeared before Mayor Luis Fabrega and was fined $500. He acknowledged that the flag belongs to him, that he designed it himself, but that it is not the Panamanian flag, because the national emblem has three colors (red, blue and white) and his is seven.

"Regarding the similarity with the flag of the Republic of Panama, he indicated that this question should be asked to those who saw it and not to him," said the Mayor's Resolution.

The same resolution indicates that "the similarity with the Panamanian flag is evident, with two identical quadrants in its description, colors, design and location, and with two quadrants that represent without a doubt the other two quadrants of the Panama flag, the red and blue, respectively, to which graphic elements consisting of orange and yellow stripes on the upper right quadrant of red and green and purple stripes on the lower left quadrant of blue have been incorporated ".

The fine is appealable within five business days,