Ex-president uses money and courts to strike back

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The third civil circuit judge, Ana Zita Rowe, admitted a request for the seizure of Martinelli filed against Panama’s ex-attorney general  Kenia Porcell, for up to $ 120,000.

The amount would be in the concept of capital, costs, and expenses for the lawsuit filed by Martinelli.

Billionaire Martinelli  who has lived up to repeated promises has been scattering lawsuits  like black confetti since the end of his trial for illegal wiretapping must record - as established by the Judicial Code - $30,000 as a guarantee "in order to respond for possible damages that may be caused by the implementation of the measure."

"I will continue working to clear my name, and those responsible must face justice," Martinelli wrote on his Twitter account.

In January  Martinelli (2009-2014) presented three criminal complaints: one against his successor Juan Carlos Varela and two against former prosecutor Kenia  Porcell. The complaints were filed by Alejandro Pérez, Martinelli's lawyer,

The complaint against Varela is for the alleged commission of crimes against the public administration, as is one of the complaints against Porcell. The other action against the ex-AG is for the alleged commission of the crimes of slander.

Porcell, as head of the Public Ministry between 2014 and 2019, led several investigations of alleged corruption during Martinelli's administration.




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