Ex-lawmaker “harmed Panorama’s image“denied parole

Ex-lawmajkr Rosas

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Former parliamentary deputy Jorge Alberto Rosas under investigation for money laundering in the Odebrecht case was denied bail on Thursday, March 5  as a possible escapee and for now, will remain in El Renacer prison.

Twelfth Criminal Court  Judge Óscar Carrasquilla denied the application on the grounds that the crimes for which he is being prosecuted are of a “serious” nature.

He added that in this case the Panamanian society was harmed and that if the bail bond is admitted, there may be “danger of escape”, and the possibility of “documents that are related to the process being destroyed”.

The judge also held that money laundering, a crime that is accused of not only harms the economy of the State but also the "corporate and banking image of Panama."

Carrasquilla said that with this case [bribes paid by Odebrecht] not only injured Panama but also in various countries around the world. Therefore, he added, it is required that all the accused remain linked to the process so that their development is not affected.

The document also states that Rosas, through his law firm Rosas y Rosas, received bank transfers in the account 0101074806, from HSBC, now Banistmo, of companies that were part of the Department of Structured Operations of Odebrecht (bribes department of the construction company), a fact that was evidenced in the company account statements.

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