EU endorses Panama vaccination certificate

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Panama has become the first country in the region to get the approval of the European Union (EU) for the digital vaccination certificate, which is issued by the Government Innovation Authority, to the people who completed their immunization scheme against Covid-19.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Wednesday, September 15 that the EU carried out a review process of the characteristics of the Panamanian code to grant its authorization.

The Foreign Ministry emphasized that Panamanians will be able to present the certificate during their trips to EU member countries and it will be recognized as the equivalent of that international organization.

"We are the first country in the region to have this endorsement, allowing our vaccinated citizens and residents, with a complete vaccination scheme, to have the peace of mind of resuming their trips to Europe," said Chancellor Erika Mouynes.

According to the statement from the Ministry, the EU presented a procedure through which third countries could participate in a procedure, by invitation, in which Panama was included, to obtain their Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

The certificate may be used in the 27 member states of the European Union. Likewise, Panama will proceed with the recognition of the vaccination certificate issued by the EU, the statement said.

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Last month

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Last month

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Last month

People double injected by the KILL SHOT from America & Israel one of the most injected locations in the world with record levels of death and ICU now going on their 4th KILL SHOT are BARRED FROM ENTRY INTO EUROPE!!! So much for the 95% to 98% lies by government murderers. The Lancet peer reviewed studies showed near zero protection. Don't worry the tyrannical killers are still lying as they change the definitions as people die in waves from the KILL SHOT! The world has never seen crimes against humanity like this EVER! READ & LEARN. I was right these past 2 years! CDC redefines ‘vaccine’ in wake of mRNA jab’s plunging efficacy

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