Elected official flaunts ban on State vehicles for Carnival partying

755Views 3Comments Posted 22/02/2020

An elected representative of a  communal board was one of  43 drivers slapped with a fine for unauthorized use of State vehicles within hours of the start of Carnival.

Inspection staff of the Comptroller General of retained 24 state vehicles. breaching a decree dating back to 1996 which regulates the proper use, handling, control and registration of automobiles belonging to the State.

Among the irregularities found were drivers without a pass authorizing the use of the vehicle, expired license plates,.unauthorized passengers, no driving license or policy, expired license and the transport of alcoholic beverages.
A bulletin of the Comptroller reports the case of a vehicle from the communal board of Santa Rosa de Río Indio de Capira, detected at a  La Chorrera checkpoint driven by representative Juvencio Rodríguez, which carried three boxes of liquor on the back seat of a pickup.

Rodriguez received a $100 ticket , in addition to the retention of the vehicle.