“El Toro” Balladares would fire the current cabinet

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Former President Ernesto Pérez Balladares (1994-1999)  said on Radio Panama  that  if he were president  he would have fired all the current ministers

In statements to Radio Panama, "El Toro" pointed out that if he were currently the president of Panama, he would have fired all the current ministers.

According to “El Toro”, the only figure he would leave in position would be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erika Mouynes and he advised the Minister of Economy and Finance, Héctor Alexander, to leave the government as soon as possible.

"This is the time to leave, Héctor is a man who has a brilliant career, which can be compromised," he said.

As for the Ministry of Public Works (MOP),  he said: “there is no minister”.

Regarding the single dialogue table that was installed in Penonomé, he said that already seems like "restaurant tables." He maintained that no entrepreneur "is going to produce to lose money."

He said that in the dialogue tables there are absurd and ideological approaches and that their purpose is to make themselves known to society, "because never in their lives have they had so much public exposure".

He pointed out that these groups have the right to protest and call for a strike. "But they have no right to impede free transit."  

"If Suntracs wants to strike, the funds they manage make them millionaires.”