Drunk driver kills passenger

A 35-year-old passenger in a speeding vehicle with drunk driver behind the wheel was killed when the car overturned in the Lídice community, on the road to Cerro Trinidad in the Capira district on Sunday morning The driver was treated and will be taken to a hearing to determine responsibility and charges

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A very large cross section of Panamanian men have defective DNA possibly from decades of being inbred. They don't consider themselves a complete man unless they have multiple women and drink heavily. Laws and common scene means nothing to them. Sterilization or extermination is the only way to rid society from these parasites.

7 months ago
Mimba Oeste

Driving is the most dangerous thing you can do in Panama. Travel of any sort increases your chances of death or injury greatly. Drunk driving is a national past time.

7 months ago
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