Drug bust mayor gets house arrest

923Views 1Comments Posted 28/09/2017

THE  MAYOR of Los Santos, who is also a high-ranking official of the PRD, has been separated from office and placed under house arrest by   Judge of Guarantees Josefa Monfante following his arrest and a raid on the municipal offices which uncovered quantities of drugs, submachine guns and luxury cars.

Eudocio Pérez, is the center of an anti-drug investigation dubbed El Gallero (fighting cock) alleging narco-trafficking, money laundering and corruption of public servants.

Perez was arrested on Monday along with 10 others after being accused of belonging to an alleged international drug trafficking network.

A similar measure was imposed on  the mayor’s  assistant Eduardo Vásquez,  Ernesto Bowen, Manuel Domínguez Salazar and Roxana Norato.

He also ordered the provisional arrest and suspension from office of  National Police major Luis Alvarez and police officer  Manuel Esteban Salazar,

The arrest and detention of Manuel Domínguez Walker, presumed leader of the network; Alberto Chávez, coordinator and  Andrés Enrique Moreno and José Villarrea was also confirmed.