DNA confirms bones belong to missing Dutch girl

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DNA TESTS have confirmed that bones found August 29 in Bocas del Toro, are of Lisanne Froon, one of the two Dutch women who disappeared in April, but the mystery of what led to their deaths remains.

The Public Ministry made the announcement on Tuesday, September 9 Prosecutor Betzaida Pittí said that the bones are a left femur and a left tibia. A search for new evidence will be organized once the weather allows, Pitti said. The Parents of Froon and Kris Kremers, her friend who also died while hiking on the El Pianista trail, have requested that a search for more evidence in be organized as soon as possible.
Lawyer Enrique Arrocha, who represents the families, said they are hoping a new search will uncover more evidence that will explain what happened to the women, who went missing after leaving their hostel April 1. Massive searches by teams from Panama. Costa Rica and Holland have failed to shed light on what happened to them. Early on a backpack was found containing a camera, a passport and money.
Pitti said they are awaiting weather forecasts to undertake a new search for evidence to help the investigation into what happened to the young women The EFE news agency the news agency said that the relatives of Lisanne and Kriss have expressed on several occasions, their displeasure over what they felt was "lack of empathy" by the authorities in both the Netherlands and Panama and have urged them to deliver without further delay the girls’ belongings found during the investigation.
The parents have empowered their lawyer in Panama, Enrique Arrocha to request the MP to do a second professional inspection to see if they find more bones of their daughters