Defaulters towed in Panapass blitz

977Views 2Comments Posted 15/10/2019

A driver who owed $1,500  on a Panapass and another owing $800 had their vehicles towed during an operations on the south corridor by the National  Police Directorate of Traffic Operations and the Transportation Authority (ATTT) on  Monday, October 14.

At  the Atlapa checkpoint 45 fines were imposed, of which 41 were for drivers who did not have a balance to travel on these

“During the operation, carried out at noon, a driver was detected who was not licensed and also owed $1,5000 in Panapass and the other, a citizen who had a debt of $800. Both vehicles were towed by crane” said the National Highway Company (ENA).

According to ENA, in the previous four operations 81 fines were placed for low balance and another 36 for other situations such as disorderly driving, traffic obstruction, and contempt, among others.

The debt is owed to ENA, for the use of the access gates, amounts to about $3 million.