Cover-up trial of priest to follow murderer' sentencing

Father David Cosca

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Cover-up trial of priest to follow murder's sentencing

A seven-person jury, made up of six women and one man, on Friday, August 16 declared  Hidadi Santos Saavedra guilty of  the death of Eduardo Calderón, in the  El Panama hotel

Calderón was found bleeding in one of the halls of the hotel bleeding on July 7 2018 so he was transferred to Hospital Santo Tomás, where he died the next day.

Homicide prosecutor, Emeldo Márquez, has called for a 30 -year jail  term.

 Meanwhile, Father Cosca, a Catholic priest who reserved and paid for the room where the murder took place is awaiting trial on cover-up charges. During the trial the court heard allegations of Room 47, known as “the office” being used for sexual trysts, including “threesomes.”

Cosca was suspended from priestly duties at   Divina Misericordia when the murder investigation began but women supporters from his parish were in court during the trial.

The Trial Court will announce the sentence for Hidadi Santos on Monday, August 19.