Costa Rica coronavirus case transited Panama

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One of the two confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Costa Rica transited through  Tocumen International Airport on February 22   said Health Minister Rosario Turner on Saturday.

 Despite this, Panama has not yet confirmed any cases and an investigation is being conducted on the traveler said, Turner.

Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to confirm the arrival of the virus on Friday, March 6, in a 49-year-old woman, an American tourist, who remains isolated in the capital San José. There is one other confirmed case and one suspected. Nine countries in Latin America have reported cases.

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Candid Curmudgeon

It was only a matter of time before this happened. If this traveler didn't bring it to Tocumen, another one will. Some people with the virus never suffer any symptoms. You can't defend against that.

5 months ago

They have now learned it can take up to 24 days before you show symptoms and can live on objects for up to 9 days

5 months ago
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