Cortizo warns restaurants  to demand vaccination card

2,229Views 16Comments Posted 28/11/2021

On Sunday, November 28, President Laurentino  Cortizo gave a warning to restaurant owners reminding them to fulfill their commitment to ask their customers for the vaccination card and the QR code or face new restrictions.

Cortizo said that a difficult moment in his life was when in January of this year he had to make a decision of a complete quarantine.

If they don’t comply, "it is not that they are going to lose one or two customers," they could put him in a situation of decreeing quarantine for a month or a month and a half.

The president also asked the dance organizers to ask for the vaccination card or the QR code. "That is all that is being asked."

He emphasized that restaurant owners are not going to go broke if they ask for the card or the code. “This is not a game we are playing” he said and recalled that in all countries they are requesting in stores either the code or the card.

Cortizo took the opportunity to ask the population to continue with the vaccination process against Covid-19. "That is a smart decision."

He emphasized that the Panamanian economy is recovering and that he has been able to verify this by analyzing the reports he receives on the behavior of consumers in the country.