Casco Viejo mural whitewashed

404Views 0Comments Posted 16/11/2014

A MURAL on the outer wall of the restaurant Manolo Caracol, in Casco Viejo , has been painted over after Panama’s National Institute of Culture, INAC , rejected an appeal by the artist.

The order to repaint the wall white was based on a 2004 decree which dictates the Standards and Procedures for Restoration and Rehabilitation of the old quarter Panama City, Article 195 states that " to paint signs or other graphic expression on the walls is not allowed.”
Article 231, states that whoever breaks the rule will be fined $5,000.
Earlier, the artist wrote on his Facebook wall the following: "Today the Mermaids Mamis will be deleted. If you can, take pictures, I cannot attend. Thank you all for the support. "

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