Body of third crew member of downed helicopter recovered

Coclesito Mountains

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After several days of searching,  the agents found the body of First Corporal Héctor Atencio, who remained missing, after his two companions the pilot and copilot were found last Tuesday.

Senan has reported that the extraction work will take time due to the complicated terrain and the weather situation of the place.

Major Jorge Martinez, operations officer of Senan, said that, after 94 hours, the search for the companions was completed, and now the area is being prepared so that the aircraft can arrive as close as possible, thus extracting the bodies and handing them over to their families.

He explained that the third body was inside the aircraft.

He stressed that the recovery has been complicated and using ropes to be able to take them to the top of the cliff where a landing area is being prepared, to make the transfer.

He stated that the bodies are still in place, but the maneuver for the transfer is being prepared.