Blue Apple judge seeks extradition of Martinelli brothers

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Judge Baloisa Marquínez has asked Guatemala for the extradition of Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli, both of whom were prosecuted for the alleged payment of bribes by State contractors to officials, during the administration of their father, former President Ricardo Martinelli.

Marquínez reported the request on August 5 during the first day of the Blue Apple hearing.

The Blue Apple investigation was declared open on September 11, 2017, and on September 19, 2018, the investigation of Luis Enrique was ordered. Ricardo Alberto's was issued on January 11, 2019. They have never personally appeared in this process.

La Prensa learned that Marquínez's extradition request is dated July 4, 2021.

The Martinelli Linares brothers were represented by their lawyer Luis Eduardo Camacho González and followed the hearing via virtual, from Guatemala, where they have been detained since July 6 last year when they were captured at the request of the United States, for crimes related to money laundering.

On April 26, the Second Court of Justice ordered the cancellation of a release bond of $5 million granted to Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, within the Blue Apple case.

The Second Court declared the cancellation of the bond and also ordered the return of the money consigned to Aseguradora Ancón, SA. The court also upheld the arrest warrant against Luis Enrique, issued on September 24, 2018.

The liquidated Twelfth Criminal Court, in September 2020, also annulled the guarantees of $2 million (each) granted to Martinelli Linares, in the process for alleged money laundering through the Brazilian Odebrecht

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George Klk

Panama: Italian Family Agenda Controls the Money and Legal System. Once Panamanians are forced to leave Panama City due to high living cost and inflation... the government simply takes over. Reminiscent of a Venezuela dictator - Maduro (bus driver) who killed 9,000 protesters to hold power. Panama needs to lose the expansion canals to make a new deal with China for their... $10's of billions financial support to make this deal legitimate. Panama only needs to lose 51% of the share but this will most likely be 100%. Venezuela lost their factories due to a welfare program of Socialism dependent on oil. Their oil was given away to China and Russia with a $50 billion deal... a steal! Italy's underground operative in Panama knows this all too well and the Panama president Cortizo ignores any facts in the interest of Panama citizens. Cortizo cannot even face the issue of the non-payment to the Panamanians on a... 25-year port contract deal of a hugely significant monetary value and still does not want to correct the non-payment issue with the renewal of this corrupt contract! Basically, this does not affect president Cortizo's pocket book. Italians are here to stay while Panama trouble makers are threatened with their... very lives!

3 months ago

If you all haven't figured it out yet, this is just another el loco scam to help his sons escape justice. Martinelli knows that all he needs to do is get his two scions back on Panama shores and the deed is done....just pay the right people and his sons will slip and slide through the joke of a legal system just like their father. The equally corrupt US can't grab these two chumps quickly enough.

3 months ago
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