Assembly and judges hands-off deal thrives

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THE COSY “hands-off”  relationship between the deputies of Panama’s National Assembly and the judges of the Supreme Court (CSJ)continues  with complaints against those who administer justice from the protected castle on the hill in limbo.

The National Assembly ended its ordinary sessions last week, and Credentials, Regulation, Ethics and Judicial Affairs  Committee, has eight unresolved complaints against CSJ magistrates says a La PrensCommitteea report.

They mostly date from 2016, and finger  Harry Díaz, José Ayú Prado, Hernán De León and Luis Ramón Fábrega.

Based on previous decisions of the committee they will likely  be swept under the carpet to join the  21 complaints against magistrates of the Court that   got short shrift short and were “filed’’ from July 2016 to October 2017.

During that period, the Credentials Committee was chaired by the Panamenista Party deputies Jorge Alberto Rosas y Luis Eduardo Quirós.

Members of civil society question the little work of the Members of the Committee and even affirm that it is proven once again, that between deputies and magistrates there is an agreement not to investigate each other.

There is little chance that the committee will analyze the eight complaints reports La Prensa.