Anxious Martinelli fit to stand trial - psychiatrists

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In spite of his anxiety and depression, former president Ricardo Martinelli is fit  to stand trial for allegedly spying on communications of at least 150 people  say the psychiatrists of the  Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Imelcf) Alejandro Pérez and Olga Bouche

The forensic psychiatrists responded to the judge Roberto Tejeira, president of the court of after receiving on the March 14  a psychiatric evaluation that determined that Martinelli has guidelines to be diagnosed with "mixed depressive anxious upheaval".

"The diagnosis allows him you to have the cognitive and volitional capacity to understand the relevant legal concepts and procedures in his case," the doctors concluded in the report they sent to the court.

Bouche and Pérez also suggested that Martinelli continue taking the medications prescribed by his treating physicians.

The evaluation of the forensic psychiatrists does not say anything about the incapacity certificate that Martinelli had received from his private psychiatrist Frank Guelfi., the latest in a thread of medically based attempts to delay a trial.

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