48 in scramble for 3 Supreme Court seats

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By 4,30 pm on Monday, September 11, the list of applicants aspiring to fill three vacancies in Panama’s Supreme Court (had swelled says the Attorney General's Office.

The application period began on September 2 with the call for the pre-selection of candidates for main and alternate magistrates and closes this Monday, September 16. 

The resumes of the applicants must be taken to the Research and Training Center of this institution, located in Llanos de Curundú, reiterated the Office of the Attorney General. 

This call launched the process for the selection of the people who will replace Judges Jerónimo Mejía and Harry Díaz, both from the Criminal Chamber, and Abel Zamorano, from the Third Chamber of Administrative Litigation. 

Mejía's 10-year term expired in December 2017. Díaz and Zamorano complete their terms in  December.  

The new magistrates must be ratified by the National Assembly and would take office on January 2, 2020. 




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