42  accused in money laundering case

Mossack and Fonseca

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The Third Liquidator Court will hold a hearing on Tuesday, June 1 with 42 people accused of alleged money laundering through the Lava Jato (car wash) operation.

Among the defendants are Jürgen Mossack and Ramón Fonseca Mora, from the defunct law firm Mossack Fonseca, which is linked to the creation of offshore companies through which large sums of money were allegedly deposited to acquire real estate to launder the money the product of the payment of bribes.

The investigation began in 2014 when the Brazilian authorities that carried out the Lava Jato operation discovered that María Mercedes Riaño, an employee of Mossack Fonseca, was contacted for the creation of companies whose objective was to mobilize illegal funds.

The then Brazilian judge Sergio Moro, a key player in the corruption investigations in Brazil, assured that there was “evidence that Mossack Fonseca has provided the necessary services for the opening of offshore companies for, at least, four agents involved in the scheme to launder money ”.

As a result of this, then-attorney general Kenia Porcell announced the opening of an investigation for alleged money laundering.

La Prensa  reports that the court has not yet released details of where the hearing will be held and whether it will be in person or virtual.


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George Klk

Panama: Gangs, Thugs and Mafia Molirena Party Control. [FACTS]: Martinelli and Italy's Mafia control of Panama. 1. Panama's Italian Mafia control Molirena political party. 2. Mafia controls all aspects of... Lottery winning disbursements. 3. Mafia Italian head banker-headquarter operation... Panama offshore island / (investment/front). 4. Mafia... New Business, Blue Apple and Odebrecht trial at a Panama theater... [suspended]. 5. Mafia connections increase, former Panama president Martinelli pardon of 100's of prisoners. 6. Mafia gangs... 100's roaming the Panama streets. 7. Former Panama president Martinelli, sons detained in Guatemala, one approved for... extradition to the United States as part of an investigation for money laundering. 8. Guatemala Parliament... A Den of Thieves / Martinelli joined and obtains [Impunity]! 9. Martinelli... pursues witnesses, files lawsuits against prosecutors to take their homes and wealth. 10. Martinelli files lawsuits for family honor with legal attorney news media deceased letters. 11. Italian head banker, Farrugia resigns and concentrates on lawsuits for family honor. 12. Martinelli establishing his own political party (Mafia control) to win presidential re-election. - Free hams at Panama's expense with more foreign business campaign support contracts at... Panama's expense / $100's millions. Panama's political party, Molirena is Mafia controlled under the watch of... Panama president Cortizo. 13. President Cortizo receives untapped $millions in executive pay on a monthly or annual basis. 14. No Panama Constitution as promised from Panama political party and executive branch. 15. No Panama corruption cleanup... Cortizo's untouchables. 16. Panama protests against corruption... a suppression with police excessive force / brutaliy / threats. 17. Panama president visited Venezuela Maduro and supports his dictatorship... Maduro... a bus driver by trade, killed 9,000 protesters on his way to his dictatorship government. - starvation ensues with a mass Venezuelan exodus. - Maduro: Starvation is their business. 18. Panama business unions feel threatened by the government corruptions. 19. Panama president Cortizo, a cattle rancher does not listen to the pleas of the Panamanian people. 20. Panama is on the... Grey list and Black list with long delays and suspended court trials with untouchable fugitives.

4 months ago
George Klk

Panama: Courts... Trials... Evidence... Delays... Justice? More bribes and delay? More cancer deliriums? More threats to exposed witnesses? More new amateur prosecutors? Court room theater curtain rises and the hop along... Martinelli does his tap dance with the Mafia pulling the marionette strings. What will it be this time? United States will have evidence and Panama courts dismisses cases? U.S. will eventually say... What planet does Panama court system come from? All that money... just disappears without evidence? Panama and their engineering marvel expansion canal and money just disappears? That is not like Panama, unless Panama is now in Mafia jurisdiction. The legacy of Martinelli and the... Sons of the Underground? Let's not forget Martinelli's Chichi De Obarrio and... former Panama president Varela that old Chinese lover with a $50 million restaurant gifted to China / spy headquarter. What is the case evidence report on that deal? None whatsoever! Just more Italian wines... Italian mafias in Panama sure no how to celebrate! So, what the usual underground discussion? Connections of course! Start out with the Martinelli pardon of [hundreds] of pardons and... no case on the subject matter for the courts! Let them roam the street... possibly... mafia gangsters. How many... how many gangs were there again? Hundreds with ready-made bail money? How many Panama prosecutors? Martinelli takes care of that... lawsuits! Take their homes with their children and leave them out in the cold with the rest of the gangs and person disappearances! Panama will be the story telling gang spree crimes in the annals of... history!

4 months ago
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