4 Dead in Early week  Traffic Accidents

Speed said to be the cause.

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Fourpeople were killed and one seriously injured in traffic accidents on Monday and Tuesday.of this week. June

Juan José Soto, 27 years old, died  Tuesday after crashing off the road and being flung from the car at   El Lago in the Costa Abajo, Colon. The victim was not wearing a seatbelt

 A 49--year--old man died Monday night when he was hit by a taxi while attempting to cross the road to his home in the city of Santiago,  Veraguas.

 Ulises Gabriel Lasso, was killed and his passenger, a nurse,  badly injured on the Boyd-Roosevelt route at Nuevo San Juan, Colón. on Tuesday night.

Speed is reported to be the cause of the accident.  

A Colombian motorcyclist was killed  in Costa del Este on Tuesday in a collision with a car. Earlier he had been seen in a race with another bike,

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