17 ongoing probes into shelters abuse

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The Public Ministry (MP) has opened 17 investigations related to alleged mistreatment and sexual abuse of children and adolescents, as well as mismanagement of funds in shelters under the supervision of the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (Senniaf).

Public Ministry sources confirmed that some of the investigations date back to 2017 and that in one of these cases there was already a 10-year prison sentence reports La Prensa.

On Monday officials from the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office and the National Police detained a man for the alleged commission of the crime of rape and libidinous acts to the detriment of a 15-year-old adolescent.

According to investigations, the minor was transferred along with other adolescents to a rehabilitation center for adults in Las Garzas de Pacora and there she was a victim.

Last weekend, the authorities arrested three women, who were charged with alleged abuse of minors and embezzlement.

The authorities arrested yesterday a fourth person allegedly involved in the scandal of sexual abuse and mistreatment of children and adolescents, as well as administrative mismanagement in shelters under the tutelage of the State.

Sources from the Public Ministry (MP) confirmed that it is a man, who is accused of the alleged rape of a 15-year-old adolescent.

According to information published by La Prensa in August 2020, in June of that year the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and the Family (Senniaf) sent 13 adolescents at risk to the center, despite the fact that it was a site to rehabilitate adults.

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