Over 15 raids on clandestine rentals

991Views 4Comments Posted 06/09/2017

MINISTRY  of Housing (Miviot) authorities) and the National Police (PN) carried out another raid on  clandestine lodging operation on Wednesday, Sep 6. this time in Bella Vista and Obarrio after receiving multiple complaints through line 311.

In one of the houses, they found 15   foreigners, two Ecuadorians and13  Venezuelans.

So far this year there have been more than fifteen operations against clandestine renters in San Francisco, Paitilla, Betania, Chanis, Parque Lefevre, Cerro Viento, and  Obarrio, among others.

The latest operation was due to the number of complaints from residents who called 311 or placed notes on Twitter.