$10,000 reward for Colombian murder suspect

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The National Police is offering a reward of $10,000 for information that allows finding the location and capture of Yeison Felipe Possu Mera, a Colombian national, with passport AS535076.

According to the authorities, Possu Mera (30 years old) is allegedly linked to the murder of Agustín Lara Díaz, deputy director-general of the Public Registry, on November 14.

The San Miguelito Regional Prosecutor's Office indicated that Possu Mera possibly resides in El Crisol, La Pulida 1, José Domingo Espinar district.

If there is knowledge of the whereabouts of Possu Mera,  contact the telephones 507-3349, 507-3327 / 507-3331 of the Regional Prosecutor's Office of San Miguelito; 512-2228 of the Directorate of Judicial Investigation, or line 234-1233 of the Directorate of Police Intelligence in San Miguelito.

In the same case, Judge Llemajara Pedroza ordered the provisional arrest of Sebastián González Sánchez, 23, on Tuesday, November 16.

González Sánchez's connection arises from the statement of a protected witness who described him as the person who was driving the motorcycle.

Lara Díaz was shot dead by two men who were traveling on a motorcycle, while the activist of the  Democratic Revolutionary Party participated in a registration campaign for his group. Another person was injured.








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Crime wave here just keeps getting worse. I'm sure he's scurried back across the Darian Gap and is eating an arepa in Colombia already.

1 month ago
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