Land of Proud and Brave Panamanians - A History of Juan Valdez Coffee

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Juan Valdez was born in the 1950's, a quick flight away from Panama City in nearby Medellin Colombia, with the purpose of distinguishing Colombian coffee from the competition. Juan Valdez Coffee is perhaps one of the most recognized and loved coffee brands on the planet. With its unique flavor, attractive advertising and its highest quality production, one might ask: What is the reason for this reputation?  Ossa Aguirre, a famous marketing researcher, proposed a thesis on why Juan Valdez is so popular:  It was thanks to the ideas of a few members of the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC), who sought to distinguish Colombian coffee from the competition and rescue the idiosyncrasy of 500,000 coffee growers and their families.

A North American design agency, based the characteristic garments of the coffee grower, such as the hat, the poncho and the carriel, and the place where coffee was produced, and conceived the logo that we know today. To provide much more strength, the work team believed it was necessary to represent the cultural traits of the coffee classic by means of an actor that would be present in events or publicity. The selected actor was Cuban José Duval, a renowned theater and television artist who played the role of Juan Valdez for a decade. 

At that time, most advertisements and promotions showed Juan Valdez in the Coffee fields delicately selecting the ripest beans. The response was immediate because consumers quickly associated Colombian coffee with a special kind of coffee grown and harvested with dedication, with very little help from machines or tools and in special climatic conditions that included heavy rains, lots of sunshine and fertile volcanic soil. Although José Duval played a key role in the expansion of the brand, his demands and whims ended in the 70s with the role that led him to glory. There have been many Juan Valdez actors over the years.  We will have a look at José Duval’s replacement tomorrow as we look at Panama’s neighbor Colombia and its world renown coffee known as Juan Valdez. 

In May of 2024 the Green Coffee Company (GCC) obtained the exclusive third party rights to use the brand name ‘Juan Valdez’ for roasted coffee sales in the US and Canada.  The company goes public in 2026 and investors are needed.  Projected returns in 2026 are 5.8X.  Email us if you would like further information on this IPO 

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