Learning Spanish in a Spanish Speaking Country like Panama

1,677Views 0Comments Posted 12/05/2024

We hear this story a lot, and not only from the ladies but from the gentlemen as well.  Miss Prentis moved to a Spanish speaking country in 2012 which Panama is, but she isn't fully fluent in Spanish.  In fact, Nicola has been living in this Spanish speaking country for 12 years now.  There are many persons like Nicola here in Panama.  It is not only learning a few words to communicate, it is having the ability to understand the slang and the nuances of a language that you are trying to learn.  She has stopped dating locals because she says that too much gets lost in the translation.  Ms. Prentis says she doesn't feel as if her real personality comes through when she tries to speak in Spanish.  Nicola is single and says that when she dates in Spanish, she never feels like herself.  She says she now prefers to date English speakers.