The miracle of San Miguelito – more voters than residents

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In San Miguelito, one of Panama's most densely populated districts, In at least three of its townships, the number of voters significantly exceeds the number of residents reports La Prensa.

In the district of about 280,000 inhabitants, there are nine townships: Amelia Denis de Icaza, Belisario Porras, José Domingo Espinar, Mateo Iturralde, Victoriano Lorenzo, Arnulfo Arias, Belisario Frías, Omar Torrijos and Rufina Alfaro.

However, the Register of the Electoral Tribunal (TE) and the data produced by the XII National Population and Housing Censuses show that in the townships of Belisario Frías, Mateo Iturralde, and Omar Torrijos there are more voters than residents.

For example, in Belisario Frías there are 36,520 voters according to the registry, but 33,072 residents according to the census. In the case of Mateo Iturralde, the proportion is 12,207 voters and 9,638 residents, while in Omar Torrijos 33,677 people are registered to go to the polls, but there are 32,403 residents.