Gabby Carizo announces bid for president

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As already planned,  José Gabby  Carrizo Jaén made his announcement to be a presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD)  in the upcoming elections, in his homeland, Penonomé on Sunday, February 5.

The announcement surprised no one as in recent weeks the vice president has been flashing his trademark molars at a ribbon-cutting marathon.

In the Damas Unidas Penonomeñas club, he said: “I need everyone's support today I come to tell you from the land of the Zaratí river, from the land of the devotees of the Virgin Immaculate, I tell you that I will seek the PRD candidacy to become the next president of Panama.

"I give thanks for the opportunity to be in the trench to defend the life, stability and social peace of the nation,"

He stated that he will continue touring the entire country, with organization and discipline, to win the opportunity to be president of the Republic. "Panama needs and deserves to accompany economic growth with human development. We have demonstrated with facts that we have the capacity to turn that aspiration into reality," he said.

“It was a PRD government, led by President Pérez Balladares that implemented a visionary policy of modernization of the State that allowed laying the foundations for the development and economic and social growth of our country. A model that illuminated the region” said Carrizo.

It was a PRD government, led by Torrijos, that expanded the Canal and handed over the economic fruits of that expansion to the following governments.

“It is a PRD government, led by President Cortizo, which has laid the foundations for the fight against poverty and inequality by specifying specific public policies such as the Colmen Plan, the State's agri-food policy, which for the first time in history gives stability and does justice to the national agricultural sector.

“A PRD government has saved lives, has rescued and expanded the national hospital network, and t has executed the most successful vaccination program in Latin America. This PRD government lends a hand to those who have less with the Panama Solidario program, the candidate asserted.