Social Security opens probe into zombie drug disappearance

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After more than four months since the disappearance of more than 19,000 doses of fentanyl, from the Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital Complex, the Social Security Fund (CSS) has finally opened an administrative process.

The (CSS) reported on  Tuesday, March 21, that it opened an administrative process against an official from the health area, who is allegedly the owner of a briefcase with supplies and medicines, among which is Fentanyl that was found in an inappropriate area.

According to the National Directorate of Legal Advice of the institution, the administrative process is carried out respecting due process and the rights of the official.

The General Directorate of the CSS ordered in November 2022 the filing of a complaint with the Attorney General's Office for the theft of 10,000 doses of Fentanyl, which is a controlled drug known on the street as the “zombie” drug and the United States DEA  has reported a sharp rise in its use.

At the same time, the CSS ordered a medical audit to be carried out, the results of which were provided to the Public Ministry, which decided to open a second criminal proceeding.

The Social Security Fund has also carried out personnel rotations in the pharmacy area and the operating room, as part of the administrative processes that it is carrying out in the case.

These actions take place after, a statement, from the Attorney General's Office, indicating that the first complaint for this process began with the complaint from the head of Security of the Social Security Fund (CSS) Complex,  in which he indicated that on November 9, 2022, it was learned that, at the entrance of the Specialized Diagnostic Hospital, specifically at the insured care post,  an anesthesiologist left a  black plastic case with a transparent lid with medication blisters.

The investigations were related to the alleged commission of a crime against the public administration, to the detriment of the CSS.


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