Virus total tops 16.000 with 386 deaths

People ignore social distancing guidelines

584Views 2Comments Posted 07/06/2020

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Panama climbed to 386 on Saturday, June 6 and 541 new cases brought the total of infections since the first case 88 days ago to 16,004. There are 88 people in ICU

Worrying levels of COVID-19 cases in  Panamá Oeste, Panamá Metro, San Miguelito, and Veraguas have led to the re-imposition of quarantine.

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Take a look at the photos of the mass trenches in San Paulo ....those are not for potatoes my friend. Even have them in New York.

4 months ago

So one article states that 200,000 people a year die just from medications. Now we are supposed to stop living and stay inside because a few hundred die from the flu? Minsa is like the SS for Cortizo.

4 months ago
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