Video filming “slap in the face” for healthcare workers

Frontline workers

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The participation of former president Ricardo Martinelli and former boxer Roberto Durán in a music video recording in San Felipe is a  slap in the face to front line health workers says Ana Reyes, president of the National Association of Nurses of Panama.

"When we watch these videos, with these personalities, it definitely outrages us and is a slap in the face to an entire health team that is working day by day exposing their lives to care for COVID-19 patients. The authorities have to react,

"Making use of their fame, their money and influence, they do whatever they want and put us at greater risk, because from there, how many infected perhaps were with Covid and go from that day to multiplying it with many more people Reyes added.

In the images of the recording of the music video, which were released through social networks, in a locale in San Felipe, a group of people can be seen without masks and without keeping the required distance of two meters.

Duran has already recovered from a coronavirus infection and after a short stay in a private hospital had his $30,000 bill paid by the president’s discretionary fund. The Ministry of Health is conducting an investigation, as there is no record of a permit being issued to ensure sanitary precautions.

Metroolitan region director Israel Cedeño said: Iin the videos what is seen is that there was non-compliance. Now we will speak with legal  advice, to find out what can be done using these videos that

are circulating, where it is observed that there were many people without masks, without distancing", Cedeño added.

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