US donates 3 field hospitals to Health Ministry

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The US Government has donated three military field hospitals each with a 40-bed capacity, to Panama’s  Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Each one, according to the Minsa, is equipped with beds, sinks, a ventilation system (air conditioner), and the electrical generators, necessary for their operation.

The donation arrives in Panama in the middle of its economic reopening program, which runs until October 12 with a potential surge in coronavirus cases.

Panama health authorities have stressed to the population not to lower their guard and that the reopening program is linked to the number of effective reproductive cases (Rt) or average value of the infection rate, the capacity of the health system, and respect for biosafety standards.

The donation of the field hospital was delivered by the head of the United States Diplomatic Mission in Panama, Stewart Tuttle.

“ The advantage of these hospitals is that they can be transferred to different places, anywhere in the country. This means that, in the future, they can be installed to provide medical care in areas that are difficult to access, ”said Tuttle.

The US  previously donated $4.6 million to be used in Panamanian programs to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prior to delivery  Minsa personnel and each of the institutions involved training for the installation, operation, and maintenance required for the operation of the mobile facilities.

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The generosity of the American People and President Trump has been incredible towards Panama even though Panama has no appreciation. If the USA had sent competent first world medical personnel to staff those hospitals that would be a game changer.

8 months ago
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