Sulfur dioxide cloud Panama bound

The La Soufriere erruption

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A cloud of sulfur dioxide will arrive in Panama on Tuesday, April 20 as a result of the recent eruption of the La Soufriere volcano on the island of San Vicente, in the Caribbean.

Volcanic ash released into the atmosphere has generated a high amount of toxic gases and hydrocarbons that could cause acid rain. The cloud moved over the Atlantic and is currently over Colombia where it has been for a week. It is expected to remain in Panama for three days.

The cloud could affect people over 65 with lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic diseases

Experts recommend wearing glasses, hats, moisturizers, long sleeve clothes, and drinking plenty of water.

One of the most efficient weapons against the effects of this pollution is the use of a mask, already mandatory in Panama.

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Pollution of any kind has never been a concern in Panama, it's a normal as sunshine here.

23 days ago
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