School closed as teachers display respiratory symptoms

1,262Views 1Comments Posted 09/03/2020

Although no case of coronavirus has been reported in Panama Ministries of Health (Minsa) and Education (Meduca)   have ordered 9, the temporary closure of the Monsignor Francisco Beckman College, located in the North Panama sector, while investigating respiratory illnesses

In a brief statement, Minsa said that the decision to close the school was taken jointly and will continue until the investigations of the case are completed.

Eight teachers from the campus have been hospitalized with respiratory symptoms, possibly due to pneumonia.

The director of the College passed away, after being hospitalized for a respiratory condition.

The authorities have reinforced prevention protocols in the face of the global epidemic of coronavirus and for this reason, the investigations, in this case, are being carried out.


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We can only hope the goveerment is honest about the facts if this virus is now spreading in panama.

5 months ago
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