Sanitary fence to control movement to interior

1,747Views 1Comments Posted 20/03/2020

Panama citizens who last weekend ignored the coronavirus and headed to the beaches in droves will holiday at home from this weekend as the government implements a sanitary fence to restrict the movement of people to and from these areas to reduce the spread of the virus. with 137 cases confirmed by the Health Ministry on  Thursday, March 19

The National  security Forces  will establish 176  checkpoints throughout Panama City to control the movement towards the interior, the beaches and  rivers

Control in Panama East will be assumed by Senafront; in Colón by  Senan and the rest of the coverage will be in charge of the Police.


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Oh ya

Some people just dont care about others or the law, seize their cars for a month and with towing and storage fees maybe they will follow the rules next time

Last year
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