Pandemic in Panama to peak in three weeks

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The peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Panama would be reached, in said Dr Julio Sandoval, coordinator of Intensive Care Units and member of the advisory commission on  Covid-19.

The specialist indicated that this should not be a cause for alarm, because what is sought is to identify the largest number of positive people to keep them isolated and, prevent them from becoming a focus of contagion.

Along with other members of the group of advisers to the Ministry of Health (Minsa) , Sandoval made a tour of the province of Veraguas and the Azuero region (Herrera and Los Santos), in order to check the condition pf patients affected by the disease and the intensive care units.

He stated that his work is aimed at ensuring that there are sufficient beds in intensive and semi-intensive care units, as well as monitors for vital signs.

sneraguas they delivered more than 500 special protection equipment and 3 high-flow, mechanical oxygen ventilators. to maintain the biosecurity of all human resources, especially the medical one, in the care it provides to patients.

The work of the health authorities also includes the construction of a 100-bed modular hospital for future patients who could be in a delicate condition.

Sandoval explained  said that this hospital could be on the grounds of Albrook, Ancón township, near the Enrique Malek airport, which would facilitate bringing supplies,  and assistance

epidemiologist, Israel Cedeño, said that  the standard behavior of an epidemic is that, on average, the number of cases increases in the first two months, and then stabilizes and the number of new cases begins to decrease.

He added that since the "zero day" of preparation they  based  studies on the worst possible scenario, taking into account the behavior of the disease in Wuhan (China) and then considering the events in Italy.

The specialist specified that all this preparation has been carried out evaluating population differences (demography) and events of acute respiratory infections and severe acute infections registered in the world previously.

Indigenous areas
Meanwhile, the Minsa  has assigned  85 health support personnel (to the Ngäbe Buglé region to promote measures to prevent infection and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits in the native language.

Accesses will be controlled in the indigenous area, so that there is no entry of people who do not pass the screening.

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