Panama to build 100-bed modular hospital for civid-19 war

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Panama will build a modular hospital wit  100 beds said President Laurentino Cortzo on Wednesday, March 18 following  an exraordinary cabinet meeting and while the country was still coming to grips with a decree announcing a  daily curfew from 9 pm to 5am

Cortizo said that the construction of the hospital will begin this week and will be equipped for the care of patients with Covid-19.

The Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, said that the new hospital will have a 26-bed intensive care unit.

Sabonge pointed out that the Ministry of Public Works since last weekend has been supporting the staff of the Ministry of Health. The minister said that the decision was made to build the modular hospital with the intention of being ahead of any situation that arises.

He added that he held meetings with specialists from the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Fund.

After analyzing three proposals, the most appropriate one was chosen to deal with this case which can then be used in other sectors that are difficult to access in the country.

The president also announced the "Panama Solidarity Plan", with a fund of 50 million

"Wallets will be given to those who have been affected, they will be guaranteed a wallet with an amount of money to buy medicine and food," he said.

Cortizo also revealed that the Government will support financial companies to grant a deferment of payments to 70,000 microentrepreneurs in the country.

In addition, the purchase of $40 million medical supplies, coronavirus tests, ventilators and safety equipment for health personnel was authorized by the extraordinary Cabinet Council.

"We are going to continue acquiring and buying tests, to guarantee that the diagnoses will be massified" and to know where the enemy is, said the president.

Cortizo accompanied by Vice President José Gabriel Carrizo and the ministers Sabonge and José Alejandro Rojas that this is a war that we are going to win.

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If they can make them in modules maybe they give them to small towns and villages when this passes

Last year

How about finishing 100 rooms of the city of Health ? Did anyone see the footage of the Chinese building hospitals in 10 days? Well orchestrated, well planned, dedicated workforce and supply chain. Mind you one did collapse and the rest are now abandoned. It will take months to start here and an administration term to complete.

Last year
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