Panama confirmed coronavirus cases at 109

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The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Panama reached 109 by late afternoon on Wednesday, March 18 says Health Minister  Rosario Turner.

Of the cases, 55 are men and 54 are women. Thus, there is one deceased, 92 of thee patients are in home isolation, another 17 are hospitalized, of these 8 are in wards and 9 in intensive care.

Epidemiologist Lourdes Moreno of the Ministry indicated that people who are in intensive care, with stable conditions, have an age range between 34 to 77 years; however, they present morbidity or chronic diseases.

The epidemiologist said that among the symptoms registered by those infected by COVID-19 in Panama, are fever, cough, nasal secretions, pain in the stomach area and respiratory distress

In another aspect, Juan Miguel Pascale, director of the Gorgas Commemorative Institute, announced that tests are being carried out in the Darien province and the David district, and tomorrow a team will carry out tests at the Luis 'Chicho' Fábrega hospital in Santiago.

Metropolitan region
Moreno said  that the metropolitan region is the one with the highest percentage of cases with 56%. The townships with the most cases are: San Francisco, Juan Díaz, Bella Vista, Betania and Ancón.

1455 tests have been carried out, of which 93% were negative. "The massification of the test is  mportant; however, not only by coughing or having a runny nose can it be done, the person must

have a series of symptoms. The most important measure at this time is to stay home," Turner stressed.

Hospital outbreak
The director of the Social Security Fund, Enrique, Lau Cortés, v acknowledged that they discovered an epidemiological outbreak at the Ezequiel Abadía de Soná Hospital, Veraguas province, and detected danger for medical personnel and the general population.

"Yesterday we faced a painful situation, having to close a hospital ... this, because we discovered an outbreak at the Ezequiel Abadía de Soná hospital," said Lau Cortés.

In reaction to this scenario, 12 tests were taken and the staff included individuals with cough, phlegm, and shortness of breath. at the end 11 of the tests yielded negative results."63 people in the Ezequiel Abadía de Soná hospital were socially isolated, 17 of them were patients, the rest were officials, 8 of whom are doctors," said

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