On-line pizza snack leads to firing and health crackdown

1,497Views 1Comments Posted 20/09/2019

A video on social networks of  a motorcyclist  eating pieces of one of the  pizzas he was  delivering  has led to a Ministry of Health  (Minsa) crackdown and the firing of the deliveryman

Elvis Bosques the Deputy Director of Environmental Security of the Ministry said on Friday that the personnel of private companies that provide service to businesses through technological platforms for t home, delivery of food like  Appetito24 or Glovo, must have a health card.

Bosques said that the case disclosed through the online video will be investigated with the company Appetito 24. The first action will be to summon the representatives of the company, to verify that their personnel must have the green and white cards, which are mandatory for food handlers who must have a certificate of good health; attend training and. if a foreigner, a valid work permit.

Appetito24 said that after an investigation the two people involved in the act disclosed in the video were identified (the distributor and the one who filmed the event) were  fired.

Appetito24 said that they do not tolerate "this type of action and the priority is the quality of service and user satisfaction."