Nearly 7 million covid-19 vaccine jabs in Panama

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A total of 6,061, 234 doses of the vaccines against Covid-19 have been applied in the country since  January 20 when these biologicals began to be used reports the Ministry of Health (Minsa), which also indicated that 3,099,246 first doses have been applied.

Until December 4, the country had placed 2,761,564 second doses against the coronavirus.

In addition, 193, 356 booster doses and 6,689 third doses have been used.

In the report, Minsa clarified that the target population, which is 12 years of age or older, is 89.7% covered with a dose of biologics against the deadly virus. While 79.9% have both doses.

According to official data published by Our World in Data, until November 27 in Panama, at least 55 out of 100 people have complete vaccination schedules.

Panama is one of the countries that have the highest proportion of the population completely immunized, positioning it above the world average of 43%, according to the report on the situation of Covid-19 from the Pan American Health Organization.



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Candid Curmudgeon

So, can we drop the utterly stupid outdoor mask requirement, please??

1 month ago
Oh ya

Good luck with that now more data is coming out all the problems that come with the experimental biological agent they call a vaccine which by legal definition is not

1 month ago
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