Medical unions to allow  foreign doctors to fight coronavirus

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 Leaders of medical unions and associations have reached a “historic” agreement with the Government to guarantee human resources in public hospitals in  to fight the coronavirus.

It was agreed to create a Coordination Commission for the Clinical Response to the Pandemic, which will deliver a proposal to the Ministry of Health (Minsa)to optimize  the performance of existing human resources.

The doctors promised to deliver a list of all suitable Panamanian professionals and if there is a need to hire foreign doctors, they will be evaluated by the Technical Health Council,  and will always be  under the supervision of designated Panamanian doctors, who would make biweekly reports of their performance.

The dean of the UP School of Medicine, Enrique Mendoza, considers it to be a historic agreement  

The representative of the National Negotiating Medical Commission (Comenenal), Domingo Moreno, said that part of the commitment acquired is to guarantee the Panamanian human resource and the associations committed to summon professionals to strengthen the executing units that request the appointment of specialists in Critical Medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine.

 Panama had approached 13 countries, but the only response was from Cuba.


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Centuries of life as a colony eventually leads to xenophobia. I've never been to a country with as serious a fear of foreigners as Panama. Not dislike, fear.

Last month

The successful democracies like Canada encourage immigrants that are skilled as they know that benefits the country. Panama bars skilled expats from working here and remains mediocre. It is a pretty simple and obvious dynamic.

Last month
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