Lack of supplies in  City of Health fingers “shameful” administrative  failures

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The shortage of supplies in the City of Health is a living example of the lack of planning in which the transition between the health unit and the complex of the Social Security Fund has taken place, warns the president of the Association of Dentists and Related Physicians of the Social Security Fund (Amoacss), Fernando Castañeda.

According to Castañeda, there are complaints from unionized doctors of patients with referrals being sent to the Cardiovascular Institute, and the latter answer that they do not have supplies and that they should stay in the complex.

"The complaint that is circulating is validated by colleagues who tell us that they do not even have gloves, there is no surgical, to control hemorrhaging there is no silk either … unfortunate circumstances," he emphasized.

Castañeda stressed that this "should not be seen as Chinese tales" or attacks, but rather as an opportunity to improve what is happening.

For a doctor, this is an example of obvious administrative failure, even more so when it comes to supplies and it is the patients who pay the consequences of this disorder.

Regarding the regularization of operations in Ciudad de la Salud, Castañeda indicated that sometimes they point out things that are "unreal and inconsistent with reality."

On the other hand, he pointed out that the complaints are valid and are not meant to harm or campaign for anything other than to remember that the person responsible for not privatizing the CSS is the administration, which has to be efficient and demonstrate that the public service works. ; not be part of the inefficiency.

He pointed out that complaints of this type are "shameful and show that there is a lot of spectacles and little reality and consistency."




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