HEALTH: Tuberculosis  among reemerging diseases

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Tuberculosis  TB) is among reemerging diseases in Panama with two doctors among recent cases bringing the total nationwide total to,450aThe Ministry of Health (Minsa) is  calling on the population to be vigilant and seek  medical help 

 The regions with the highest incidence of TB are  Bocas del Toro, Guna Yala, and East Panama.

"Every patient with a  cough for more than 15 days, has to have a test to rule out tuberculosis  It could be another disease, but you have to rule out,TB " said Edwin Aizpurúa of the Tuberculosis Control center.

He explained that tuberculosis is transmitted by air and when patients are diagnosed they should wear a mask. With treatment ceases to be contagious after 15 days.

Biosecurity measures have been extreme at Hospital Santo Tomás after two resident doctors acquired the disease.

Another disease that worries Minsa is dengue. Lourdes Moreno, the chief epidemiologist at Minsa, said that there  are two types of dengue in Panama

 and if you have a potential breeding site, eliminate it, for the health of your family, that of your neighbors and to avoid being punished with fines.

The Ministry is also sanctioning  businesses and restaurants

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Great, Just great on top of widespread Dengue outbreaks, Leishmaniasis that my neighborhad in her leg, filthy water and rats all over the streets now Tuberculosis outbreaks? Do we have to wear a mask in this oppressive heat and humidity when we go out? So much for going to the movies or mall.

6 months ago
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