Health Ministry  spends $2.5 million  on coronavirus preparations

Health Minister Turner explains coronavirus preparations

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The  Ministry of Health is actively preparing for the potential arrival of the coronavirus (Covid-19). and has already invested $2.5 million in programs to face the new virus which has already surfaced in over 40 countries and is close to being declared a pandemic and threatens the world economy.

Minister of Health, Rosario Turner,  who has previously said that Panama, the “Hub of the Americas”  in shipping and air traffic” is vulnerable.

On Thursday, February 27 she said that the investment has been allocated to health promotion, emergency preparedness, medical shifts, and coverage of places of entry.

The minister indicated that it has been spent on the acquisition of personal and emergency protection supplies, for example, equipment (fans), medications and medical supplies have been purchased.

She added thaH the ealth Ministry spends $2,5 million on coronavirus preparations the mechanisms for prehospital care were coordinated while enabling an isolation room for initial care.

The mechanisms for prehospital care were coordinated while enabling an isolation room for initial care.

The Minsa also reinforced its call center, which will have as its main function to follow up the people who arrive in Panama from countries where Covid-19 is concentrated and the second function will be based on providing information about that virus to the population.

"Prevention is the cornerstone because it can solve 80% of cases that could reach the country," said Turner, who explained that if the first case comes, it will be handled with all the health protocols studied by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, all biosecurity precautions will be taken to avoid contagion to the Panamanian population.

The place designated to transfer the first patients with the new coronavirus will be the San Miguel Arcángel Hospital.

Other centers contemplated for transfers, if necessary, are the Susana Jones Cano and Santo Tomas hospitals. If cases arrive inside the country, they will be treated at the regional directorates of each province.

Hospitals will only be used for people in serious or critical conditions, Turner said

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