Health authorities hunt for missing  arriving China passenger who gave false information

2,019Views 2Comments Posted 17/02/2020

Panamanian authorities are trying to locate an airline passenger who arrived at from China on February 5  and gave false information Xoxinquiao Zhang last week, who was in China and gave false information when he entered the country on February 5.

Lourdes Moreno, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health,(Minsa) clarified said in Telemetro Report on Monday. February 17 that at the time of entering the country temperature tests were done and Xoxinquiao Zhang was entered in the Ministry database for follow up because he was in an area affected by the new coronavirus.

The monitoring of health authorities consists of daily calls and home visits. When trying to make the home visit it was found that he had provided false information to Migration and Customs.

According to Moreno, the foreigner provided a false address. hence, the search carried out has the support of the National Migration Service, the National Security Council and the Chinese Embassy in Panama.
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Comments 2

me myself and i

Give them an inch.....they will take a mile. Beware...China is trying to take over Panama.

4 months ago
Big C

Very typical of the Chino's. Watch border security on t.v. and you will see how they act ignorant and can't speak English and LIE constantly. This person should be given 50 years in the penitentiary for trying to harm a Nation of Panamanians, or as an alternative - put this person in blocks so that he can be stoned to death.

4 months ago
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