Health insurance alert

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The Superintendency of Insurance and Reinsurance of Panama (SSRP)  has issued an alert about the marketing of unapproved health policies.

The entity warned that policies not approved by the SSRP cannot be sold directly or through insurance brokers.

The Superintendency reiterated to consumers,  to acquire policies from companies that have al license to operate in Panama,  which are regulated and supervised.

With an insurance policy not authorized to operate in Panama, the SSRP cannot protect the consumer from a claim because "it has no jurisdiction over these companies".

"He will have to turn to the regulator in the country of origin of the insurer and probably hire lawyers in that country," said  the alert

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How do we check the company ? Is there a safe list. We'll just ask the broker. He wouldn't lead us astray.... Thanks for the warning.

5 months ago
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