Gorgas Institute monitoring four COVID-19 possible reinfections

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The Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (Icges) is monitoring four possible cases of reinfection by Covid-19.  

"So far we have four subjects under investigation, two of them we are sequencing and we hope that next week we will have results to know if it was really reinfection or critical relapses,"  Gorgas director, Juan Miguel Pascale. said on Friday, September 18

He stressed that there is a situation and that to be able to determine if a person was reinfected; first he had to give a positive by the PCR test, then in a period of time register a negative result and wait another 30 days to do another test; and that the first two have to be sequenced, and this is not so easy.

“What made the health system see the suspicion is because patients came back with symptoms; some with more severe symptoms and others with mild symptoms. The idea is to see if there is an association or not with a viral presence, first, and see if that virus is the same as it was previously, ”Pascale said on TVN news.

Pascale said that the cases of reinfection are not usual or frequent, otherwise, the health system would collapse.


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