First heart surgery at City of Health

1,875Views 0Comments Posted 06/09/2022

A 36-year-old patient with a congenital heart defect became the first to undergo heart surgery at the recently opened Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute in the City of Health reports TVN.

According to Dr. Camilo Rodríguez, medical director of the City of Health, the patient's cardiac effect was closed by placing a biological patch to correct the poor blood communication, at the same time he explained that he had to be responsible to perform the first heart surgery, evaluating that the installed equipment worked properly and have the appropriate supplies; and with the "first successful surgery," it will be possible to gradually increase heart interventions, which will reduce the list of waiting patients.

For the development of all the preparation of the patient and the surgical process, "the teamwork of the health personnel of the Social Security Fund was key", highlighted Minnelly Diaz Surgical Nurse - Perfusionist.

At the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute, the specialty covers three types of diseases: lung, heart, and peripheral vascular disease, so since the inauguration of the ICT, on July 12, more than 30 fistula surgeries have been performed on patients with chronic kidney disease and seven lung operations.

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