Fall in number of covid patients in intensive care

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There were three deaths and 252 new covid cases on the last day of September as the number of patients in  ICU continues to fall.

Nationwide there are 255 hospitalized patients of which 201 are in the ward and 54 are in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced  Thursday, that the province of Veraguas joined Coclé, Herrera, Los Santos, and the Ngäbe Buglé region, does not report patients with Covid-19 admitted to the ICU.

Since the pandemic began in Panama, in March 2020, it is the first time that the Hospital Doctor Luis “Chicho” Fábrega, in the city of Santiago, has not had covid patients in the ICU.

The Expanded Program on Immunization reported that 5,501,067 vaccines against Covid-19 have been applied in the country.


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Be sure and do some research on DR. RICHARD FLEMING. Would you believe anything this guy says???

Last month

Here is the science that the criminals facing Crimes Against Humanity do not want you see. DR. RICHARD FLEMING EXPOSES WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING WITH COVID-19 AND VACCINE INDUCED ADE https://www.bitchute.com/video/NXcLShYKZ620/ | This is an excellent presentation by a doctor that even the deep covidian cult members should open their mind to investigate the science brought forward. Only a criminal would not want this science brought forward for all to understand.

Last month

Seems not entirely removed as Brian and his GRU friends are still here promoting their rubbish and quoting from sites that most of us wouldn't give two thoughts for. NP undertook on August 21 to rid them from here ..good you noticed though.

Last month

Stupidity and outright proven untruths should always be censored!!

Last month

I notice peoples comments are being removed now from this site, now this site is censoring too?

Last month
Nossey Parker

great job is doing the Minsa....congratulations...!!

Last month
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